Kick my ass?
I’m world-class

Ehn ten minute Yang doodle cuz I’m bored and have a huge ladycrush on her.

Kick my ass?

I’m world-class

Ehn ten minute Yang doodle cuz I’m bored and have a huge ladycrush on her.





I always knew she was one :D

As is so often true of comics, a lot of the awesome is in the details. Natasha can’t move the Hammer when she first reaches it. What makes her worthy at the end when she apparently wasn’t worthy just seconds before? Look at panels 2-3 again. Natasha’s got that big ogre right on top of her with his club already going back to strike … and instead of shooting it to save herself, she uses her last shot to bring down the flying reptile that’s chasing that fleeing shuttle. That act of self-sacrifice in the face of certain death is what made her worthy.

Can this be a movie. Like. Thor and Black Widow. My favourite things in the Marvel Movie Universe because I am not a comic follower. Please. 

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You know you’re like, super bored when….

You know you’re like, super bored when….

Whoops didn’t update the archive page over the intermission. Have a super lame archive page screenie of personal pride.

Whoops didn’t update the archive page over the intermission. Have a super lame archive page screenie of personal pride.


Was looking at this amazing fanart that fictional01 did for trust, and wary post-mission North and Theta happened.


North allows himself one long, slow sigh, just one, breathing warmth into his pillow, then lifts his arm and turns on the light. Theta’s still online, although he’s half-buried in the groggy haze of North’s nervous system. “Hey. You okay?”

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Ahhhh yay ;o; Adorable and apparently I inspired something, wow. Fic makes art makes fic. It is northetaception.


" I am the beast  I am the light  I am the blighted being cursed with sight  I am the god  Who created a worldI am Leviathan the Girl.”


" I am the beast
  I am the light
  I am the blighted being cursed with sight
  I am the god
  Who created a world

I am Leviathan the Girl.”

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trocadero - first wave

oh hey it’s that amazing track from the end of season 6 that sends chills down my spine every time when paired with the director’s monologue. 

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xephinetsa asked: What if instead of AI, Freelancers were assigned cats.


The Director’s therapist has recently suggested pet therapy for him, so he decides to pass this down to his agents because they seem kinda stressed. He adopts a whole shelter full of cats and carefully assigns each one to his agents, based on extensive personality testing. Because he is busy petting cats, he does not have the time nor the motivation to experiment on Alpha.

York gets a scruffy little orange tabby and York’s really more of a dog guy but cats are cool too and at first he thinks he’s gonna name this one Space Cat but everyone has told him that was a stupid name so now he’s gonna name her Charlie, after Charleston, which is in South Carolina and did you know that, ‘Lina? Because it is, and hey, this cat has red hair and green eyes like you, and maybe you guys could bond over that?

North and South get a pair of grey tabbies from the same litter, and they used to be feral but they’re warming up to humans these days and South spends the most time with them because she gets it more than North does, the impulse to get out your claws when somebody comes too close. North frets over feeding and insists that they order all-natural grain-free organic cat food. 

Connie is assigned a little calico, wary but friendly once she gets to know you. She likes to curl up in Connie’s lap when she’s reading.

Maine is assigned a Maine Coon. Maine names him Shane. Maine and Shane the Maine Coon are bffs and they like to nap together on the couch.

Carolina gets this brown and white tabby cat and she doesn’t know what to make of it at first but the cat follows her everywhere and is always purring at her and no matter what she does he’s always there purring at her and he sits on the training room floor purring at her and it sort of reminds her of somebody and sometimes she picks him up and cuddles him when no one is looking and he purrs like a goddamn motorcycle.

Tex gets a black cat named Dallas and they go everywhere together and the cat will perch on her armored shoulders and stare people down and no one is sure who they are more afraid of.

Wyoming is assigned a nice fluffy white cat and he talks to him and tells him jokes and the cat just stares at him but he’s sure that the cat is laughing, somehow, and they watch TV together and they are friends.

Wash is given five kittens and he does not know what to do with himself, he has never been so happy in his whole entire life, he is always carrying a kitten around and he is so happy, he is so happy and he shows them off proudly as they get bigger and stronger and turn into nice happy adult kitties. 

And the Director takes down the board because he just doesn’t care anymore, he’s really busy with these cats, and the animal shelter overpopulation issue has come to his attention and he’s very busy trying to come up with a solution, because, cats. 

The oversight committee is like “dude what happened to the military stuff” and the Director writes them a series of letters about how cats.

the end.

im really tired and this made me laugh :’)

Roosterteeth/ Achievement Hunter



The only fandom to get emotional over a fucking building


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i’m a firestarter.


yang tho.

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An illustrated web novel.

Check it out! I will love you forever.

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